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The origins of the House of Father Lame back to the project of building the line of Taste (1887): the first section of this rail route (completed by 9/17/1911) linked only to the station Pocinho Carviçais, local staging of goods and passengers .

In the vicinity of the station - "Terminus" - line, said housing was born, where spent the night not only friends but also all those who called for a peaceful break after an exhausting and endless journey. The next day, there was still a long way to go horse to its destination.

Father Lame soon abandoned the priesthood similar to what happened to the rail line of the Sabor, early, suspended in 1988.

In the early days, like a - "T1 +1" - coated on the whole, cork, with attachments for the birds, beasts of burden and sheep. These dwellings were recently the subject of rebuilding and expansion, giving rise to a T2 (Court of Sheep) and a T3 (Cork House) surrounded by a cozy green space.

Welcome to the House of Father Lame.

The priest, who was not a priest ... not lame!

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